New releases and announcements are a dime-a-dozen in every IAAPA Expo. After all, these events are all about showcasing the future of the arcade gaming industry, so what better occasion to flaunt the latest and greatest ideas? However, even though

For many years, we’ve been living in the age of remasters, reboots, and rehashes. All it takes is a single glance at the recent game releases to find many titles like Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, and other franchises going

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Last week, we wrote about the whimsical cute ‘em up game by Sega called Fantasy Zone. This title was popular for its awesome yet challenging gameplay, coupled with its bright, colorful, and admittedly adorable visuals. If you haven’t done so

In this month’s edition of Getting Good, we’re coming in hot with a two-part guide on one of the games that defined my childhood, in particular. As a ‘90s kid, I wasn’t really old enough to experience the arrival and

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