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The beat em’ up genre was one of the most popular game genres during the late years of the golden age of arcade games. The game that truly jump started the said genre was Double Dragon by Technos Japan. The

We recently talked about the importance of any given game’s musical score as a means to set the mood and complement the situation through which the player is currently going through. Proper sound design can turn a game from a

In the golden era of arcade games of the 1980’s, Atari was the proverbial “800-lb. gorilla” of the gaming industry. With their creations gracing home consoles, computers and arcades, Atari was responsible for some of the most iconic titles of

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The 80’s were a turning point for the entertainment industry. So many mediums were able to evolve with the advances in technology, bringing more ways to the table to keep us glued to a screen. When it comes to video

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