17-Year-Old Tetris World Champ Defends His Title at CTWC 2019

Published December 27, 2019 Leave a Comment

A few months back, we went on a Tetris writing spree where all we posted on this blog was about Tetris. What can we say? As sellers of arcade cabinets and amusements, as well as operators of FECs ourselves, we’re always hyped for all things retro and competitive. And when it comes to these two aspects, you really can’t go wrong with Tetris.

On one occasion, we talked about the 2018 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) and how the 7-time reigning champion Jonas Neubauer was finally bested and a new champion took the crown. However, the most baffling part about this is not that Neubauer lost his winning streak, but that it was taken by 16-year-old newcomer Joseph Saelee. The young competitor had never even set foot in a competition as important in the Tetris scene as the CTWC, but that didn’t stop him from going all the way and taking the glory.

It goes without saying that the 2018 finals were intense and chaotic, with sparks flying as both finalists went all out in a struggle to surpass each others’ scores. You didn’t even have to be a Tetris connoiseur to know that both contestants were bordering on superhuman in terms of reflexes and performance, all the while under the extreme pressure of possibly claiming the title of best Tetris player in the world. The fact that Neubauer was a 7-time champ didn’t take away from the intensity in his expressions during play, but Saelee wasn’t going home that day unless it was with the title of champion.

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