5 DDR Facts You Might Not Know About

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Dance Dance Revolution arrived at a time where the arcade video game market was entering a new and challenging phase in its lifespan. Before DDR’s conception in the late 90’s, arcades were flooded with popular fighting games such as Capcom’s Street Fighter II (1991) and Mortal Kombat(1992). Competition with powerful home consoles capable of rendering “good enough” 3D graphics left an opening for a new genre to take the industry by storm by providing an experience only possible in the arcade.

To understand the creation of this new genre, one has to know a little history about the Japanese game giant Konami first. Konami is widely regarded for kick starting the whole arcade music game phenomenon back in 1997 with their DJ Simulation game “Beatmania”. This was a huge 12 years before “DJ Hero” was released to the Western market!

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