5 Great Horror Arcade Games

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Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, comes the ton of spooky specials on TV, coupled with the timely releases of horror-themed movies. The remake of the hit horror film of the 90’s ‘It’ released a few weeks ago to critical acclaim, setting the mood for what is turning out to be an appropriately spooky month. I have spent the last week watching horror marathons, including iconic film staples such as Nightmare on Elm Street (1 through 8) and Friday the 13th. However, as a born & bred gamer, I only feel truly at home when I’m behind the wheel, so to speak, of my favorite games. I’m more of a PC gamer myself, so I’ve tried to create a theme of spooky games to play through this month in the spirit of the occasion. That’s not to say that there aren’t great horror games on the Arcade though, because there are some true classics to be found there.

The thing about spooky arcade games is that it is a genre that, for the most part, has gone unnoticed by the general populace. Sure, we’ve got some of the most iconic titles such as The House of the Dead, which has become a staple of most arcade establishments due to its engaging gameplay, awesome graphics, and hilariously bad voice acting. To be honest though, games like it are usually purchased due to the gameplay, and not for their horror theme. The problem with arcade horror games is that, in order to fully fulfill the purpose of said games — which is to make the players pee their pants out of fear —, they usually have to be played alone in the dark and, if possible, with headphones. Arcade establishments are usually counter-productive for this setting and, for this reason, most arcade games are usually developed for home consoles, nowadays.

Regardless, if you’re one of those fearless arcade gamers, who are always on the look for scary horror games, we’re pleased to inform you that there are actually several cabinets out there which might give you a good spooking. In this article, we’re going to list several awesome horror games which are bound to get a good jump start out of you. If you’re a fan of scary games, keep an eye out for the following games:

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