5 Great Wrestling Games on Arcades and Consoles

Published January 12, 2018 Leave a Comment

We have addressed the topic of popular fighting games on countless occasions due to their importance to the arcade industry and, above all else, their revolutionary formula which helped immensely to breathe new life into it. Games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were not the first in the genre, but were, by far, the most influential at their time of release, which helped the ailing western arcade industry to survive the crash of the 80’s. Afterwards, these two franchises went on to transform into their own big phenomenons which are still going strong to this day.

With their fun formula, competitive gaming scene, and overall entertainment factor, fighting games have all but hogged the market of games where players beat the crap out of each others, leaving little space for variants to rise and succeed. For this reason, players who enjoy different types of fighting games, such as wrestling, UFC, or MMA. Technically, the latter category is covered in Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, as the characters usually have their own fighting styles which are based in mixed martial arts. Players who are interested in wrestling, however, are somewhat out of luck, given the scarcity of these games in relation to other famous titles, in both consoles and arcades alike.

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