5 Terrible Arcade Games

Published April 28, 2017 Leave a Comment

In our previous articles, we’ve dedicated quite a bit of time and effort to show you the very best video games the arcade industry has to offer. However, similar to other forms of art, arcade gaming also has its fair share of mediocre (or outright bad) titles, which are understandably less-known than their high-quality counterparts. This is because, unlike console games, if an arcade cabinet is bad, the users can simply stop playing and cut their losses, eventually condemning the game to its doom if it garners enough bad reputation. On the other hand, bad console or PC games are usually more noteworthy since the gamers will have most likely spent $60 or more to purchase it, and will likely be content to openly express their disdain on the internet.

Regardless of their infamy, the fact remains that there are definitely bad games on the arcade, some of which even border on hilarity. So, in the spirit of keeping things lively, let’s all make fun of these games which, in many cases, are some of the worst that arcade has to offer. Keep in mind that there will be obvious spoilers about the games mentioned in this list, and that some of them also feature content that may not be appropriate for children. So, if you’re spoiler-sensitive, or are in the company of minors, consider this your warning!

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