A Tetris Battle Royale?! More Likely Than You Think!

Published August 28, 2019 Leave a Comment

I know we’re a little bit late to the chase with this one—but hey, we’re arcade gamers before we’re Switch players!

In any case, Nintendo released their subscription-based online service back in September 2018, where users could pay a small yearly fee to gain access to the online features of their Nintendo games. Aside from gaining the ability to play with other gamers around the world using Nintendo’s servers, their online service also brought several freebies, including access to a pre-curated NES Software library with over 30 classic titles available to play. Thanks to this service, it allowed developers to offer “Free-to-play” (F2P) online games. One of the first high profile F2P games to be made available for Nintendo Switch Online came in February of 2019 with the all-new and spiffy Tetris 99.

As its name implies, this title is a homage to the classic block-stacking game originally developed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, which also happens to be the highest-selling title of all time. The cultural mark left by Tetris is absolutely massive, having sold over 70 million copies throughout its lifetime in physical releases. However, once you factor in the most recent mobile adaptations and the sales as downloadable software across multiple platforms, this number is actually closer to 500 million copies sold. This number dwarfs even the hugely-successful Minecraft, which has only sold around 176 million copies to date.

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