Ace Amusements Presents: Nitro Speed

Published June 4, 2021 Leave a Comment

Even though the industry is slowly recovering from the beating it took last year, the new releases haven’t stopped coming. Companies have been working tirelessly to bring us games in what has started to be called popularly “the new normal”.

One of such companies is Ace Amusements, a Chinese manufacturer of arcade games and amusements that’s responsible for producing a variety of cabinets and other types of devices for FECs. And while they feature their own versions of popular attractions like light gun games with a variety of themes, basketball ticket redemption machines, bowling-styled video skee-ball games, and many more. However, they also develop their own unique take on other titles. Case in point, their newest game, Nitro Speed, is an upcoming racing game that seems to borrow the most popular elements of other renowned games, and wraps them up into a neat package with great presentation and graphics, and refreshing yet familiar gameplay.

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