Air Hockey still the king of the table games…

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When it comes to table games no matter what you play you can’t lose but my favorite will always be air hockey.  Now I am making this claim from personal knowledge.  In my opinion people love air hockey.

We get a lot of people that happen by the arcade and they are interested in only one thing, air hockey.  We have three air hockey tables and people are always interested in them, they always have some action going on them.

There is something about going head to head in full one competition with the puck flying at what seems the speed of light.  What a great game.  I have to say it is one of my favorites as well.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey

Interactive sports are always fun, people enjoy the full array of what we offer and the same for the rest of the arcades on the boardwalk, I guess number two would be the Pop a shot Basketball game, but air hockey is the king.

I do not even want to compare Air Hockey with Pool.  There is no comparison.  Pool is fun but it is a game of leisure, there is no urgency, Pool is played at a very less furious pace, and again that is why I like air hockey.

It is a great game if you have ADHD as it is none stop action for five minutes or until you reach the score of eight.

Game On!

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