Alternative Amusements for your Game Room

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We’ve already mentioned in several occasions how having a personal game room at home is the dream of many gamers out there. The idea of being able to enjoy the most popular games, in their own legacy cabinets, and from the comfort of their own homes is a very appealing idea to many users, both veteran and newbies alike. However, in order to reap the most benefits from your game room, several things must be considered before making the investment such as the room’s theme, its decor, safety measures and, most importantly, the amusements you will want to include in your repertoire.

Multicade machines are the most obvious choices if you want to enjoy your game room to its fullest. These machines come with several games installed, including the most popular titles from our childhood. For instance, the Arcade Legend series of arcade machines all come with over 100 games which can all be played and switched at the whim of the user. These multicade machines come with timeless classics such as Arkanoid, Armored Car, Asteroids, Gravitar, Joust, Kung Fu Master, and Lunar Lander, to name a few. Furthermore, the Arcade Legends 3 cabinet comes with the original Golden Tee Golf and its direct sequel, all of which offer the most popular courses from 2000-2005. Those who want to get initiated in the vast world of Golden Tee will definitely want to invest in this machine, should they be unwilling to commit to a standalone Golden Tee machine.

In terms of variety and entertainment, video arcade machines will almost always be the way to go. But what if you already own one of the Arcade Legends machines, and still have some space to spare in your game room? Investing in another arcade cabinet would be somewhat irrelevant — unless you’re a collector —, since you already have over 100 games in the one you already own. Which then, should the best course of action be if you still want to add more variety to your game room?

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