Arcade Cabinet Care

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Contrary to popular belief, arcade cabinets are actually pretty delicate pieces of machinery. You might not think so due to their big size and bulk but like all pieces of machinery, they require constant maintenance in order to stay in tip-top shape through the years. Everything hardware based tends to break down with time; components succumb to wear & tear: analog sticks and buttons become sticky and unresponsive, their mechanical switches start to cave and fail to register actions and, most important of all, the circuits will eventually burn out due to overuse. Furthermore, after years without proper maintenance, dust will start to gather inside the cabinet which adheres to the boards and circuits within. This in turn becomes the #1 contributor to overheating issues in your machine since it disrupts airflow and thermal dissipation.

Arcade maintenance employees and floor technicians usually have a background in electronics or, to some extent, experience working with arcade machines, and have the knowledge necessary to perform maintenance on most types of amusements. These tasks may include performing general diagnostics on any type of machine, removing and replacing faulty controls, opening the cabinets for dusting and cleaning them, and some other specialized tasks such as replacing capacitors and soldering new ones onto circuit boards, among others. Furthermore, since some cabinets tend to be very old and no longer compatible with modern replacements parts, some technicians might need to get creative and ‘mod’ replacement parts designed for other machines onto the older models so that they may continue functioning normally.

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