Which Arcade Games Should I Buy?

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Arcade Games

With over 15,000 separate titles produced since the early 1970s, there are a TON of arcade games available for purchase out there. Those that know where to look can find almost any title that they set out to acquire. While the older cabinets may one day be lost to time, their soul (in the form of their source code) will always live on in the internet, where they can be purchased through several means, and often come included as part of multicade machines.

That being said, due to the sheer amount of games in the market, newcomers to the world of arcades might have trouble choosing the games best suited for their game room. Apart from a giant selection, you also have games ranging in price that may only cost a few hundred dollars to thousands.This depends on the condition as well as collector desirability.  What will provide the best return on investment in the form of entertainment and replayability will vary from buyer to buyer.

In this article, we’re going to list the most popular arcade game genres, as well as several of our top picks for each one. In this sense, you can make informed decisions about what games to purchase first, and avoid throwing money on titles that won’t provide a good bang for the buck.

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