Arcade Machine Warranty: What Is It and Why do I Need It?

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Just like with any other expensive electronics in your house, an arcade machine warranty can help safeguard your investment and provide backup and support if one of your hard-earned machines breaks down or stops functioning correctly. From our personal experience, we know that only a handful of things are worse than dropping thousands of dollars on a brand new arcade game, only to have them break down after a few months and then noticing that your purchases didn’t include any type of warranty. In these cases, the repair itself might not be the real issue — any technician worth his salt can easily dismantle and work on any type of arcade machine. However, considering how expensive and rare some of the replacement parts can be — especially for older, vintage machines — trying to repair an arcade machine using money out of your own pocket is not a feasible option for most users.

This is where the arcade machine warranty comes into play. If you’re a hardcore gamer and like to test the limits of your arcade machines, then you need to ensure that your cabinets come with an appropriate magazine for your gaming style. In this manner, you know that your investment is always protected by a signed agreement and that you’ll always have access to tech experts and support personnel that can help keep your machine in top shape, should anything happen to it. For most users, a warranty will important for 3 main reasons:

  • In Case of Damage: Listen, we understand. Sometimes, it’s easy to get carried away and accidentally mash away at the buttons of your game in hopes of setting that new world record or neighborhood high score. However, there may come a time when the machine can’t simply handle the punishment and break down. Buttons begin to stick, joysticks come loose, and panels may wear down. If you’re the type of gamer that really gets into the game, and can sometimes treat the machines a little rough, then you have a good reason to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your investment, so that your game is always safeguarded by the support of tech experts and support personnel.
  • For Quality Assurance: Besides keeping your investment safe, warranties can also speak volumes about the type of establishment you’re doing business with. If the product you’re dropping a ton of money on comes with an extended warranty of 10+ years, you can rest assured that both the seller and the manufacturer trust enough in the quality of their product that they know it won’t break down anytime soon. Furthermore, even if it should break down, they know that it’ll likely happen due to intense usage, and will require repairs that are both inexpensive and easy to perform.
  • For Customer Satisfaction: Simply put, no company would engage in a long-term agreement over what is essentially a video game with their client if they didn’t hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. Arcade machine sellers and distributors that devote time and resources to provide the best warranties to safeguard their customer’s experience understand that, for many users, gaming is not only a hobby but a way of life.

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