Alright, we know we’ve been pretty heavy on the Tetris news lately, but trust us when we say that, for the past few weeks, the popular franchise has simply been the gift that keeps on giving. Nevertheless, we promise we’ll

Here we are once again ready to dive into the granddaddy of block-stacking games, Tetris! Last week we went over the fundamental aspects of the game, including the matrix, the seven available “tetriminoes,” how the scoring system works, and several

Yeah, yeah; we know. Tetris is on every platform under the sun, but bear with us just this time. Tetris was originally designed and developed by Russian AI researcher Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 as a method for testing the AI

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I know we’re a little bit late to the chase with this one—but hey, we’re arcade gamers before we’re Switch players! In any case, Nintendo released their subscription-based online service back in September 2018, where users could pay a small

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