The Evolution Championship Series (or EVO, for short) is the most important event in the fighting game community. This annual event consists of a series of tournaments where players from all around the world get together and face off to

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There’s a good chance that most of you might be familiar with the Intellivision, that weird console released by Mattel Electronics back in 1979. It was rectangular in shape, and used an odd controller that had a numeric keypad on

Even though they are suffering from diminishing returns in terms of visuals, the video game industry is advancing as fast as ever. The success of many recent games such as the most recent God of War, Monster Hunter World, and

Having already taken the amusement world by storm, Bandai Namco Amusements’ DC Superheroes coin/card pushers are about to get even better with a new series of sixteen collectible cards to play for! Coinciding with shipments for the brand new 2-player

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