Hello once again, dear readers! Let’s dive into the latest updates in the arcade industry. Today, we’ve come to reiterate the time where we wrote about the Capcom Home Arcade. A few months back in April, we shared the news

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The ‘80s were a wild time in video game history. It was a period where both good and bad ideas could either flourish or die in equal measure, which is, in part, what contributed towards the industry crash in 1983/’84.

A few months back, we went on a Tetris writing spree where all we posted on this blog was about Tetris. What can we say? As sellers of arcade cabinets and amusements, as well as operators of FECs ourselves, we’re

The rivalry between Nintendo’s Mario and Sega’s Sonic “mascot” characters is the stuff of legends. As the protagonists of their own platforming games, they drove sales for their respective game consoles and were the center of many schoolyard arguments throughout

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