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We’ve talked about fighting games on several occasions, always mentioning the classics such as the one that started it all, Street Fighter, and its closest competitor both in the East and the West, Mortal Kombat. These games were pioneers —

This week has seen the latest IAAPA sponsored event, the Asian Attractions Expo 2017. Being held beteen June 13-16th, this expo showcases some of the latest products and services for the amusement industry as found in various regions of Asia.

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Arcade gaming has come a long way since its inception and popularization in the mid 1980’s. The platform — which has captured the attention of gamers ever since its beginnings — has become so widespread that it prompted users and

For the past few years, superhero flicks have been all the rage in movie theaters. They encompass everything we loved as kids who couldn’t tear their eyes away from their comic books: colorful visuals, engaging stories, compelling bad guys, flashy

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