Bubble Bobble Comes Back to the Arcades With Numskull’s Latests Quarter Arcade Cabinet

Published July 23, 2021 Leave a Comment

Bubble Bobble is a classic arcade game released by Taito in 1986, and like most arcade games of its era, it features simple yet very addictive gameplay that was easy to pick up and play, but quite difficult to master. The game itself needs no explanation, but we can safely say that it was popular enough to get ported to many, many consoles—over thirteen of them, in fact. It seemed like everyone wanted to get a piece of the popular bubble dragons Bub and Bob.

To celebrate the game’s 35th anniversary, arcade game manufacturer Numskull has designed a brand new quarter arcade replica of Bubble Bobble, at a 1/6 scale of the original, but featuring all the arcade goodness that once catapulted it into mainstream appeal. But while this cabinet would be a replica of Taito’s original, it also featured a few changes to modernize its appearance, including a brand new cabinet design. And just like many others in Numskull’s Quarter Arcade series, the miniature cabinet is completely playable, although you would probably struggle to fit two players in front of the small device.

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