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For many of us gamers, Japan holds the holy grail of video game entertainment. Some of the biggest contenders in the console gaming industry — as well as major developers for all other platforms, including modern-day arcade games — are headquartered there. Companies like Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, and Bandai Namco, among many, many others are just a few of these organizations dedicated to making the gaming world a better place, filled with innovative entertainment and cutting edge hardware.

It makes sense, then, that some of us would see this country as a must-visit destination for vacations or other trips, given the vast amount of video games produced in the island country, as well as all the cutting edge technology you can interact with in some of the country’s most technologically-inclined districts. Akihabara, for instance, is regarded commonly as the “Electronic Town” for its big boulevards chock-full of tech stores as well as diners where anyone can unwind to the music and entertainment of popular anime series and characters. This place is also famous for their maid cafés, where otakus — a term used to describe anime fans and enthusiasts — can go to be served by hostesses dressed like anime maids and have a good time unwinding with friends and family.

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Its hard out there for Pac-Man. Relive the drama from behind the scenes of this classic video arcade. Should there be a sequel to this untold story?

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