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Crazy Taxi

Think back to when you were growing up as a gamer kid: Were you a Sony kid, a Nintoddler, or a Sega fan? Sure, Sega fell off the radar right around the time when the Gamecube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 were at each other’s throats, vying to be the best console of the generation. However, Sega didn’t go down quietly, as their Dreamcast was one heck of a way to go out, featuring some of the games that would go on to become true cult classics.

Regardless of the console you had growing up, odds are that you knew about Crazy Taxi. A hit in arcades when it landed on the scene in 1999, it soon found its way to home consoles, first with the aforementioned Sega Dreamcast. After that console failed, it became available on the PS2, GameCube, and even the PC, which is a testament to its quality back when it was in its prime.

The main premise puts the player into the role of a taxi driver. Your goal is to drive around town,   picking up customers, and driving them to their destinations. While this concept doesn’t sound really engaging by today’s standards, the unique and wacky driving mechanics make for an entertaining and fun experience.

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Welcome to another entry in our Getting Good series of articles, which are meant to teach you the basics of a variety of different games from years of arcade past, as well as share several good practices to keep in mind if you want to set the highest scores in your local arcade. While we usually dedicate these articles to the games that were most popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, we sometimes talk about more obscure gems that not many people might have played. That will not be the case with today’s game, which is one of the biggest and most influential titles to land on the scene at the height of the “Golden Age” of gaming: Atari’s BattleZone

BattleZone is one of our personal favorites at PrimeTime Amusements. In particular, this game was huge for me growing up as it was the oldest title in my favorite FEC at the time. FECs in South America were few and far in between. As a kid growing up in Venezuela, well, you take what you can get; beggars can’t be choosers! Amongst a sea of DDR, Whack-a-Mole, light gun games, and other FOTM titles, there stood Battlezone, always unoccupied, always fun; the ol’ reliable.

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For better or worse, we’re living in the era of reboots and rehashes. Every other year, Spider-Man gets a new reboot, the X-Men come and go, almost every major film of the 1980’s has been rebooted (sometimes twice), to name a few. Heck, not even gaming consoles escape this trend as we’re constantly bombarded with “mini” versions of hugely successful gaming devices of the past generations. First, it was the Atari Flashback series, then the NES and SNES Classic, then it was the PS1 Classic. We also wrote about the Capcom Home Arcade in a previous article; other companies have also been announcing new Mini machines, including the TurboGrafx-16. And now, we’re presented with the Sega Genesis Mini.

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After testing the concept for five years, fine tuning the gameplay to craft a classic and fun game, ICE has announced that their latest sports redemption/merchandising game is now shipping!

First tested as “Wham-O,” the game was given a make over as a basketball themed game. As a player, your goal is to insert a credit, then push the button to launch the ball. There are a number of targets inside the game, but the one you really want to aim for is the constantly moving hoop. Get through the hoop and you’ll get the biggest bonus available! If not, there are other targets the ball can fall into, still providing you with a prize.

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Here at PrimeTime Amusements, we’re always scouring the internet for the next best thing in the arcade industry. Sadly, the past few weeks haven’t been too generous in terms of happenings and events in this field. However, one nugget of information grabbed our attention and greatly piqued our curiosity. A little indie game by the name of King of the Road.

Party games are awesome. They’re a good way to turn our brains off and just enjoy some mindless fun. This is why some popular franchises like the Mario Party series initially rose to fame. You can’t really say they’re very complex in terms of mechanics nor intricacies. However, it’s this simplicity, coupled with the comfy “couch” co-op gameplay, that makes it so endearing and attractive to any type of gamer.

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Pac-Man is a timeless masterpiece that, since its inception in 1980, has been wowing gamers left and right, not to mention draining them of their quarters back when it was only available in the Arcades. Nowadays, at almost 40 years since the game first made its debut across the globe, this franchise is still giving us stuff to talk about. Whether it’s a new iteration, a new cameo from our disc-shaped hero, or simply an event inspired by the original game, Pac-Man is one of the biggest icons in gaming history.

Speaking of which, the folks behind successful initiatives such as the Brick Bar, Bumper Cars on Ice, and the Mamma Mia sing along are taking Pac-Man to the next level. The group is creating a real-life version of the classic maze game, ghosts and all. The project is scheduled to take place in August, at an as-of-yet undisclosed location near Sydney, Australia.

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Alright, we know we’ve been pretty heavy on the Tetris news lately, but trust us when we say that, for the past few weeks, the popular franchise has simply been the gift that keeps on giving. Nevertheless, we promise we’ll keep it short this time around.

The game about dropping blocks in an orderly fashion is on its 35th anniversary, which is a nice number for the franchise to reinvent itself. And what better way to make a comeback than by adding battle royale mechanics?

The battle royale genre is arguably the most popular type of multiplayer games of the decade, with bangers such as PUBG and Fortnite taking the PC world by storm. However, if we were asked to guess which game would adopt these mechanics around 7 months ago, Tetris would’ve been our last guess. In fact, Tetris wouldn’t have even crossed our minds in the slightest. While it’s true that the game has a multiplayer component in some iterations, a battle royale approach is miles away from the core charm of the franchise.

Nevertheless, the folks at the Tetris Company and Nintendo definitely made it work as Tetris 99 is a huge hit. The Switch exclusive title has around 3 million downloads at the moment of writing. While the number of downloads pales in comparison to the 500 million+ total sales that the franchise has made since its inception in 1984, it’s a very decent number of downloads for a standalone game. Even today, you can boot up Tetris 99 and find a match in less than 5 seconds, which is a testament to the game’s quality.

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Here we are once again ready to dive into the granddaddy of block-stacking games, Tetris!

Last week we went over the fundamental aspects of the game, including the matrix, the seven available “tetriminoes,” how the scoring system works, and several basic features such as piece holding, ghost pieces, and the next piece panel. When used in conjunction with each other, these features make up the core aspect of any Tetris match, whether against the PC, against other players, or when playing by yourself in endless mode.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on the fun part: actually playing the game!

Filling the Well

As we mentioned before, Tetris is all about filling your board or matrix with blocks in an orderly fashion, and as fast as you can. It’s important to note here that the board goes by many names, including “well,” and “matrix,” and we’ll be using them interchangeably throughout this article.

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Yeah, yeah; we know. Tetris is on every platform under the sun, but bear with us just this time. Tetris was originally designed and developed by Russian AI researcher Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 as a method for testing the AI of the times. Pajitnov created this simple game in order to test the skill of his machines. However, the game became so famous among his colleagues, that they ported it to the IBM PC, which started the game’s snowball into both history and culture.

Now, Tetris is like the Mickey Mouse of gaming. Even if you don’t know who Pajitnov is, you will most certainly know about this game. Throughout its lifetime, the game about stacking blocks has become the most sold piece of gaming software in history, dwarfing even Minecraft’s sales. In total, Tetris has sold over 500 million copies across all its versions and iterations, though some would argue against counting certain versions in the grand total. Regardless, this simple-yet-popular piece of software has sold tons of copies.

Various Arcade versions of the concept have made their way to the market, originally being handled by Atari Games for the West, and Sega for the East. Other official variations have been created by an array of different companies, with Tetris: The Grand Master series culminating in the most “hardcore” display of block dropping madness ever witnesses.

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