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Wrist Rumble

Wrist Rumble

Dubbed the Arcade Stick Inazuma, this is, well, an arcade-style stick, but with a cool feature: Wrist rumble.

While using this GameTech stick, you can wear a special strap on your wrist and get force feedback while playing. I’ve never really thought about wrist rumble before, but I’d certainly be keen to give this a try. P

As noted on Inside, the 8-button, 2.5 kilogram stick is for the PS3, and features like programmable macros as well as a headphone jack. Pre-orders are underway in Japan and the stick is priced at around US$90.

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Fish Hat Parade

Fish Hat Parade

Well it is that time of the year again, time for the Fish Hat parade. What is a Fish Hat you ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds like, a hat that is made to look like a fish. Why you ask? It is to raise awareness of what happens to the ocean when it is polluted.

This event takes place every year in Seaside Park, New Jersey when throws of children get together and learn about what happens when the ocean is overly polluted. What happens is we get an overabundance of jelly fish in the ocean.

Fish Hat

Fish Hat

So each year the children get together and construct a hat that looks like a fish and at the same time learn about how to keep the ocean healthy. It is a win/win for everyone as the parade is another excuse for a fun time and the children all learn a valuable lesson on ocean health.

The Seaside Park fish hat workshop is this Friday, at 5/30 5-8:30 PM so come on down and make a hat!  Purposed materials or bring your own hat and supplies to share in addition the Seaside Park PTA will also provide supplies.  The Seaside Park fish hat parade is the Sunday, 6/1 at 11 AM.

Wear your hat!  The parade will be led by the Central Region Marching Golden Eagles. Then join in the fun after the parade with refreshments, music, & and other activities.

All are welcome to this great family event. Don’t miss out on the fun this year and help raise awareness of how to keep the ocean healthy.

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XBK Zone Fort Lauderdale, FL

XBK Zone Fort Lauderdale, FL

The XBK Zone (Xtreme Bowling and Karting Zone) is now open but now it has added something new, a Hershey’s Shake Shop on location.  So now you can kart and bowl to your hearts content and afterwards relax with the best milk shake you ever had.

The bowling alleys are not slated to be fully functional until July 2014, but that does not mean that you can’t get in on the action of xtreme go karting or stopping in to the world class arcade. The karting track offers Bowman Karts, the fastest karts on the market, with speeds up to 55 miles per hour, man that is fast, and the track changes configuration every few months to keep the course fresh.

XBK Zone is boosting all new equipment and the best world class games you can find in the arcade.  ”What don’t we have is more the question.” Joseph Yedman, General Manager, said after asked what games they offer.  He continued on that “The facility is clean and wide open and a continued work in progress.”  The idea is to keep everything as fresh as possible for the audience to enjoy. Activities are also being planned like a trampoline day and contest for the best kart racers out there.

Trampolines you ask?  Of course the motto of XBK Zone seems to be have it all ready for the family to enjoy and everything is what they have.  When you go into the arcade you will see the newest games out there and the best redemption games too.  Joseph Yedman also said they have a new Skee-Ball Basketball Game which is going over like gang busters.  Yes I will say it again, Skee-Ball Basketball, kind of blows the mind huh? A game that combines booth of two favorites and this is on top of all the existing favorites.

The arcade is boosting several new game titles as well like one of my favorites, the new Batman Shooter/Driving game.  They also have all the old standards as well like Milk Jugs, a Terminator Salvation game with a 100 inch screen and of course plenty of Air Hockey tables for everyone. If you are looking for an arcade with all up to date games, look no further than XBK.

And if you are into classic cars this place is a must see, they have a virtual museum of classic cars like a beautiful mint condition 1967 Ford Fairlane and two 1957 Cadillac’s in addition to all the memorabilia that decorates the place.

So if you are looking for some good old fashioned and newfangled family entertainment you have to check out XBK Zone located at 5300 N Powerline Road  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.  To reach them by phone call (954) 491-6265 or email them at The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday, Arcade: 12pm to 10pm, Racing Track: 5pm to 10pm – Friday & Saturday,  Arcade: 12pm to 12am,  Racing Track: 12pm to 12am – Sunday, Arcade: 12pm to 10pm, Racing Track: 12pm to 10pm

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One of the mainstays of any arcade in the 1980’s was the classic Galaga by Midway Games.  I remember playing this game for hours pumping in quarter and after quarter trying to get the high score by destroying as many insect like aliens as possible as they dropped from the grid trying to crash into my ship.  It was destroy or be destroyed.  Even though I never got the number one spot on the high score screen I did get to put my initials in the high score a couple of times which gave me hope that someday I might be the high score.



One of the great things about this Galaga was the ability to shoot multiple shots, where in the past with other games you could only shoot one shot at a time and could not shoot again until the last blast was off the screen.  This made for much more excitement and the action.  As you moved your star fighter left and right as the aliens dropped down you could fire unlimited shots at the alien grid and destroy multiple aliens with your multiple blasts.

Another thing I enjoyed about Galaga was it was one of the first to give you a “hit/miss ratio” after each round so you could see how well your aim was.  I always got a very low ratio as when I would start blasting I would not stop until the last alien was dead.  Then it was off to the bonus “Challenging Stage” which is a free for all turkey shoot.  Getting 100% was tough but if you knew the game it was common place and I could get the 10,000 bonus points almost every time.  This was a great feature as it made you think you could win this game of never ending streams of bug like aliens trying to crash into your ship.

One of the greatest features of Galaga was the ability to capture ships, the aliens would send down a boss, which took two shots to destroy, and they would shoot a tractor beam and try to capture your ship.  Then if you where good enough you could blast the boss recapturing your ship and have multiple ships in play offering double fire power.  This was always a part of my strategy in the game, to get one ship captured so you could have the double fire power. This was a missed blessing as when you had two ships going you where definitely a bigger target.  It was always just a matter of time before you would lose one to a free falling alien.

One thing I do remember the most about Galaga was that there was a bug in the system, no pun intended, that when played right the insects would stop firing and it was a free for all bug shoot for as long as you could play.  Even though some called this cheating I called it fun and was able to rake up the points every time.  What is the fun in knowing about a flaw if you don’t exploit it?

Over all Galaga was and still is one of the greatest arcade games of all time and when I see it in an arcade I always drop a few quarters in it for nostalgia sake.

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Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the toy. Soon following the introduction people around the world would peel off the colored squares and replace them in the correct order as the puzzle was that hard to figure out.

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history1 history2 history3 history4history5

History of arcade machines brought to you by M&P Amusement.

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pac-man logo

pac-man logo

Probably the one game that stared the entire modern day arcade is Pac-Man.  Even the young that do not know who The Beatles are still remember this classic game.  Pac-Man is still a staple of game play in every console and still in a lot of arcades.


If for some reason you lived under a rock and have no idea what Pac-Man is, it is a maze game where our hero Pac-Man travels through with the ghosts Winky, Blinky and Clyde chasing him around the board as he tries to gobble up all the power dots.

Ms  Pac Man Logo

Ms Pac Man

This simple formula has been reinvented as many ways as there are years.  With Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man and so many others it is hard to keep count.  High scores have been set in record books and people still try to beat them.  Pac Man has a solid audience and always will, as the game is so simple yet challenging.

So if you are looking to kill some time and are wondering what game to download next don’t forget the game that started it all Pac-Man.

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The wildly popular arcade shooter games R-Type and R-Type II have been remastered to work on the PlayStation 3 called R-Type Dimensions. The game will be available on May 20th from the PlayStation Network for US$9.99.

R-Type Dimensions will feature a total of 14 levels for gameplay exactly like the coin-op version. There will be 14 levels in total, this is a combination of both R-Type I and R-Type II games leaving no level left behind. And to sweeten the pot even more the game has gone from 2D graphics to add new high-definition 3D graphics. Now players can toggle between the graphic styles during play with a push of a button.

R-Type II

R-Type II

There are two game modes, these include an Infinite Mode, that will allow players to practice and play any level, and a Co-Op Mode for two people. Players can also alter the game experience with a slow-motion button and can configure the controller to their own personal preferences.

When ever a game is remastered it is a good bet that it will be a hot title all over again, I am sure this is the case with this game.  I remember spending hours in the arcade trying to beat this one and enjoying the ride the whole time.  This game is going to be a sure winner and a welcome addition to my game stable.  So until next time…

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Fans never get tired of the classics and nothing is more classic in the comic book world than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  So it is no exception that the fever is high to get their hands on the newest collectibles.  The good news is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie toys have all been revealed.

While other hints of what the collectibles will look like for the upcoming 2014 movie, this new picture gives us a first look at many of the other character’s in Michael Bay’s 2014 movie, including Master Splinter, Shredder, April O’Neil, and a Foot Soldier.

Toy store around the world are currently taking pre-orders for these toys.  Some have as many as 4 different TMNT movie pre-orders listed.  These including the 11″ figures, a TMNT Party Van, and two different assortments of figures including ‘basic’ and ‘deluxe’ figures. It is currently unknown what action figure line these figures are going to become a part of.

The brand new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie comes to theaters August 8th, 2014. These action figures, along with many more, are going to be arriving this June, right on time for the movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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A new report from USA Today shows that across the country, classic arcade games are making a come-back.

Now if you have been reading this blog you will know that we have been tracking this for a while and we couldn’t be happier as I love the classics.  In my personal opinion there is no better arcade games then the classics, I still remember spending my days playing “1942” and other greats at the arcade around the corner with great fondness.

In the report the gamers state that they are attracted to the human contact that is lost when you play on your smart phone.  That is something that the classic arcade games has over the new media, the ability to compete head to head and not over the internet.  To be able to rib the other player in person.

Another thing that the new gamers are mentioning is the classic joystick action that you cannot get on any other game than the real thing.  No smart phone gives you the excitement like the real thing does. And with the MAME game cabinets like “Arcade Legends” that gives you over 125 games in one cabinet it is easier than ever to start a classic game arcade up.

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