Check Out This Awesome Portable Nintendo 64 Mod

Published August 28, 2020 Leave a Comment

In the midst of the current pandemic, it’s no surprise that people are scrounging for things to keep themselves entertained during their extra downtime. While we’ve already shared a list of some excellent titles that could help to keep you entertained and that are easily accessible, perhaps you have more… particular tastes. When ports of old games in modern consoles aren’t enough to sate your thirst for retro classics, what better alternative is there than going straight to the source and reliving some of your favorite classics?

However, when it comes to gaming on the older consoles like the Nintendo 64, you’d need certain gear and paraphernalia in order to get the best experience. While those of us who had the joy of growing up with Nintendo’s line of consoles probably have them still tucked away somewhere gathering dust, with our games intact in another box, odds are that we don’t have the components for creating the best images. After all, outside of those with a dedicated game room, who has the space for a CRT TV in their home nowadays? You can’t really hook up an N64 to a modern display without the special cables. And even then, the image quality suffers when using a modern flat screen for these purposes.

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