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Published March 14, 2020 Leave a Comment

In just three short seasons on Netflix, Stranger Things has managed to enrapture fans across the world with its loveable and relatable characters, as well as its very dark storyline juxtaposed with the otherwise nonchalant town of Hawkins, Indiana. Beneath the calm exterior of a quiet neighborhood, in what would appear to be a simple slice-of-life TV show, lies a thick layer of dark fantasy where monsters from alternate dimensions attempt to cross to our world and the only thing that’s preventing it is a young girl named Eleven.

But enough about the show. The success Stranger Things goes far beyond the TV medium, considering that the show has trickled into the video game industry, spawning many titles across several platforms, including a collaboration in the hit slasher game, Dead by Daylight. Other games based on this series include Stranger Things 3: The Game on PC, Stranger Things: The Game on Android, as well as an upcoming title based on the show and set for publishing by none other than Netflix itself. It seems the streaming service mogul is not content to rest on its laurels as they’re making their way into the video game industry.

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