Chillin’ with the Villain or Hero’s unite: You choose!

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Video games have come a long way from when I was a kid, back in the day you usually only had one character to choose from, the hero. For example when we played Zelda we could only be Link, but today you can choose to be good or bad. This is very exciting for some as it is always fun to be the bad guy when there are no real consciences for our actions and of course the villains always have the coolest stuff with all those cool gadgets.

Zelda the Adventure of Link

Zelda the Adventure of Link

Let’s face it, I wouldn’t play a game like Grand Theft Auto if I was to really get arrested at the end of the game and do time, not to mention there would be no repeat business for the brand.  Being the villain is fun.

Although with new games like Batman Car Racer and others like it you can actually be the Joker and drive through Gotham wreaking havoc with all the fun and not a worry at the end of the night that any damage will be done. In addition to the fun as an added bonus these new games offer ticket redemption options that allow the player to get a prize that mirrors the game if the arcade owner so chooses to set it up that way.

Personally I enjoy the Terminator Salvation shooter that allows you to be John Conner and save the word from the machines but now and again I do admit it is nice to destroy the city like the old monsters did in “Rampage”.  Nothing like just beating up the town just to try to destroy it.

Rampage video game

Rampage video game

Who could forget Capcom Street Fighter that allowed you to be Ryu or Sagat and go to town on your opponents with all the cool abilities that make the villain had like freezing them in time.  Now you can battle between super hero’s and the gang in Marvel vs. Street fighter.  Personally I think the marvel crew would destroy them as the street fighters are human and all, but that is just my opinion.

So whatever your choice Super Hero or Super Villain you are bound to have a good time with all the new games that are coming out.

Game on!

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