Classic Arcade Celebrity All-Star Special!

Published September 29, 2016 Leave a Comment


Celebrity endorsements are everywhere today. We live in a culture where “stars” will align their fame with appropriate brands, intentionally or even unintentionally, and consumers will lap it all up. Throw a few quid at David Beckham to pose next to a fancy blue bottle, and your whiskey sales will skyrocket. If Prince George happens to be sporting your new designer romper suit, you’re likely to sell out of that product in a matter of hours.

What does this mean for classic arcade machines? Well, not a lot as it happens, I’m just sounding off; other than to mention that there are quite a few famous fans of our hobby – both from back in the day and in more recent times. Given that arcade games are a legitimate form of entertainment (indeed the global video game industry is now thought to be worth more than the film industry), the connection between celebrity and video games has always been “a thing”.

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