Diving Into Big Buck Hunter Reloaded

Published December 7, 2019 Leave a Comment

Last month, we wrote about Golden Tee and how this game reinvents itself with every yearly iteration. However, just like the popular golf game that has amassed a global following throughout its time on the market, there are other games that have risen to the ranks of esports and that offer several iterations each with new features and improvements. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Big Buck Hunter which, as its name implies, is all about hunting deer to rack up points and outshine the competition.

For those who don’t know the franchise, Big Buck Hunter derives inspiration from some timeless classics such as Duck Hunt on the NES. In fact, the main premise of the game is very similar to the NES title, but greatly expanded according to the standards of modern gaming. The main objective is to hunt the correct animals while avoiding shooting the others(shoot the bucks, avoid the does; the latter equals an instant round over). Points are calculated by accuracy, shot distance, weight of the buck, with “critters” thrown in for bonus points. The occasional Dangerous Trophy helps keep players on their toes.

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