Fine dining and arcade games… YEAH BABY!

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Two Bits restaurant  at 1520 Demonbreun Street Nashville, TN 37203 615.750.3536 is a one-of-a-kind southern inspired bar menu but that is not all.  This fine dining establishment offers arcade games as well. In the same way that their menu is a great combination of classic and modern, so is there collection of vintage and state-of-the-art games located throughout the entire bar.

Two Bits

Two Bits

To start Executive Chef William Zuchman creates southern classics that are getting great reviews from the customers, like classics Creamy Shrimp & Grits (I WANT THAT!) and Veatloaf a veal meatloaf.  Man that sounds good.

Then after you eat there are all types of games to be played to end the night.  From their website: “We have classic arcade staples that most of us love but haven’t played in years like Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders, Extreme Hunting and more. Leave your quarters at home, because all games are free to play for our guests!”

Free games! That is right their games are free to play. What a great idea, as the free games will surely keep them drinking at the bar. This is a great concept, it works for Dave and Buster’s with huge success it is nice to see that it is working with fine dining as well.

Game On!

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