Getting Good: Arkanoid

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Arkanoid is an arcade video game developed and released by Taito in 1986. The game is based on the popular 1976 arcade release created by Atari called Breakout and it consists of bouncing ball between a player-controlled platform on the bottom of the screen and a stacks of blocks. As the ball bounces on the block, they begin to break, granting the player points based on the color of said blocks. The objective is to break every single block on each level in order to advance to the next.

Arkanoid featured amazing colorful graphics and introduced several new elements to the “ball n’ paddle” game formula which were popular at the time. Specifically, the most important feature which provided an element of strategy were the powerups which were dropped from certain bricks upon being destroyed, and grant benefits to the player if he catches them with their paddle.

Due to the game’s popularity when it first came out, 4 versions of it were eventually released: Arkanoid, Tournament Arkanoid, and Revenge of Doh (Arkanoid II), all of which were released between 1986 and 1987, and Arkanoid Returns which was released in 1997.

This week on Getting Good, we’ll be addressing the basics of Arkanoid and will be providing several tips to maximize your score and set the new high record at the local arcade.

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