Getting Good: Choplifter

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Like all games, the player has several elements with which they can interact in Choplifter:

Hostages: As we mentioned above, there are 64 hostages in each game of Choplifter, which must be rescued if aiming for a perfect game. They are separated into 16 groups, which are held in four barracks. In order to pick them up, the player must carefully land the chopper nearby, and the hostages will make their way towards the aircraft. Only 16 can be transported at one time, so the player will have to drop them off at the base after picking them up from the barracks.

Tanks: The most basic enemy of the game. Upon detecting you, they will give a bit of chase. However, they cannot hit you if you remain airborne. You are only at risk of tank fire when you land to pick up hostages. You can easily dispatch these tanks by flying over them and dropping a bomb by orienting the chopper towards the camera and pressing the fire button.
Jets: The second type of enemy in the game only appears after you have delivered at least one prisoner to the base camp. Each of these is armed with two missiles, which they can launch either at the player or at the hostages scurrying about below. Dodging missiles early on is easy, since they usually don’t fire at you when you’re on the ground. However, at later levels, these missiles will chase you down no matter what.

Air Mines: The most dreaded enemies in the game. Like their name suggests, these mines hover at mid height, waiting for you get distracted and crash into them. Once you are on the same screen as an air mine, it will begin to give chase. As you rescue more hostages, they become increasingly aggressive, even dropping bombs on hostages in the final parts of the game. Mines can cross over into you home territory, so keep that in mind when making a run for it.

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