Getting Good: Contra 3 (Part 1)

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Contra 3

This month in Getting Good, we’re going to step away a bit from the arcade and talk about Contra 3, the smash hit game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is one game in the series that took the world by storm, providing unparalleled platforming and run n’ gun action for the whole family.

The game is set in 2636 and is a direct sequel to its previous installations. The players take control of heroes Jimbo and Sully as they tear through the hordes of aliens assailing futuristic planet Earth and stop their invasion once and for all.

With the arrival of the franchise to the SNES, Konami could take advantage of the console’s power to provide an improved experience over the previous iterations. Consequently, Contra 3 looks similar to its arcade counterparts, and offers just as much interactivity as them, in the form of objects, both in the background and foreground with which the player can interact in order to reach the end of every stage. Some examples of this include tubes which can be crossed like monkey bars, or walls which the player may climb to traverse vertical levels. Several buildings, walls, and objects may also be destroyed and can be used as environmental hazards against enemies as well. In other words, Contra 3 plays just like its predecessors, but on steroids.

In this first part, we’re going to elaborate on the elements that make up this fantastic game, and also give tips and strategies on how to beat the first 3 levels, so that the next time you want to have some retro fun with this timeless classic, you can do so the right way:

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