Getting Good: Dig Dug

Published August 31, 2018 Leave a Comment

April is almost over, which means that it’s time for another episode of Getting Good. Like always, we’ll be talking about a timeless classic – Namco’s Dig Dug. This was a game that was easy to find in most arcades in the 80’s and was ported to a variety of 8-bit era consoles. Recently it was also seen in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The game featured simplistic but colorful graphics, as well as awesome sound effects and gameplay that put it on par with other timeless hits like Pac-Man. With this title, Namco attempted to cash in on the hype of maze games, but while also adding its own unique twist. In Dig Dug, the players not only navigate through mazes; they create them in order to catch their enemies, pump them full of air with the character’s trusty pump, and blow them up before proceeding on to the next level.

The gameplay of Dig Dug was simple to grasp, yet difficult to master, especially for those wanting to set high scores. The objective of each level was to take control of Dig Dug and put order to his garden patch, which has gotten out of hand and is under attack by nasty Pookas and hot-headed Fygars. Dig Dug must, as his name suggests, dig his way through each garden patch, reach each enemy, and blow them up with his pump before moving to the next stage. The player must avoid contact with the enemy at all cost, as well as avoid the ghosts that wander around after defeating each one. Furthermore, they must avoid avoiding Fygar’s fire, while digging their way to each enemy before dispatching them one by one.

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