Getting Good: Tetris Pt. 1

Published September 6, 2019 Leave a Comment

Yeah, yeah; we know. Tetris is on every platform under the sun, but bear with us just this time. Tetris was originally designed and developed by Russian AI researcher Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 as a method for testing the AI of the times. Pajitnov created this simple game in order to test the skill of his machines. However, the game became so famous among his colleagues, that they ported it to the IBM PC, which started the game’s snowball into both history and culture.

Now, Tetris is like the Mickey Mouse of gaming. Even if you don’t know who Pajitnov is, you will most certainly know about this game. Throughout its lifetime, the game about stacking blocks has become the most sold piece of gaming software in history, dwarfing even Minecraft’s sales. In total, Tetris has sold over 500 million copies across all its versions and iterations, though some would argue against counting certain versions in the grand total. Regardless, this simple-yet-popular piece of software has sold tons of copies.

Various Arcade versions of the concept have made their way to the market, originally being handled by Atari Games for the West, and Sega for the East. Other official variations have been created by an array of different companies, with Tetris: The Grand Master series culminating in the most “hardcore” display of block dropping madness ever witnesses.

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