Glendale California prepares to auction off vintage arcade cabinets

Published March 11, 2014 Leave a Comment

In Glendale California more than 50 arcadeĀ games are to be appraised, then sold at upcoming auction. [Read the full story here]

Arcade games going to auction

It turns out the state law that forced Glendale to hold onto dozens of vintage arcade machines doesn’t apply to the games at all, paving the way for an upcoming auction of the machines last valued at a total of roughly $100,000.

More than 50 games, which have been collecting dust in storage for roughly three years are to be appraised by a specialist and then sold at auction, according to a City Council decision made this week at a City Hall meeting.

The machines include games such as Galaga, a space-shooter game; Ms. Pac-Man, a maze game; and Extreme Hunting 2, a shooting game. There is also a two-seat, sit-down racing game called Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3.

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