The Guide for the Easy Financing of Your Arcade Games

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There’s something about these arcade games of old that has a way of tickling the nostalgia bone of many in a way that makes the act of purchasing one simply irresistible. However, making the first foray into the world of arcade gaming can be a daunting step for a lot of individuals, especially because of the steep entry fee. Those that aren’t experienced in this business will often have a hard time knowing where to look for the best games. There is also the issue of being ‘blinded by nostalgia’ towards certain games, which can complicate the act of making a good & fair purchase.

Most prospective buyers are drawn towards well-known classic machines such as Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, or Space Invaders. While owning an original machine has it’s charm, availability and condition of these 40 year old games varies wildly. For the best value and guaranteed quality, the best arcade purchases that someone can make for their gaming room will revolve around multicade machines such as Arcade Legends 3, or Pac-Man’s Arcade Party. Both of these units offer a wide variety of games in a single cabinet, vastly increasing the replayability and variety of your gaming repertoire. In this sense, if you grow bored of a game, you can easily switch to another one. Single game machines are more collector’s items, and frequently lose replay value once the owner has played his fill of the game in question.

Nevertheless, regardless of your arcade machine preferences, the entry fee will still remain as steep as ever. Brand new arcade machines can range between $3000-$20,000+. Older rare titles can also climb into the 4-digits but we do not tend to carry those games. This is why making the smart decision is so important, as it is not very likely that you will be able to purchase more than a couple of machines at one time; unless you’re aiming to open your very own arcade establishment, and have acquired a loan already. However, did you know that most arcade machine sellers (us included) have their very own financing plans, designed to help eager users get their hand on their favorite arcade machines, without breaking the bank in one fell swoop?

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