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I just played the new BATMAN car racer game!

Published March 3, 2014 Leave a Comment

I just had the pleasure of playing the new Batman Arcade Racer game at a Lucky Leo’s Arcade in Seaside Heights Ne Jersey.  What a fun game.  I could not stop playing, I got into it so much.  This game is such a blast to play and so addictive too.

Batmobile Car Racer

Batmobile Car Racer

First you sit in a car simulator that allows you to choose of what kind of car you want to drive, the Batmobile or one of the most popular villain vehicles and not only that you can choose from any Batmobile through history, I choose the classic TV series ride; then it is off to the streets. While racing along you are met with many villains shooting at you and it is your job to lock on and fire.  The gun trigger is built into the steering wheel and you fire away.  Make sure you don’t hit any citizens as you will lose life and shorten the ride.

Batman in action

Batman in action

The game is set up in stages to bring in the best return for the dollar.  With 7 stages to go through the excitement grows with each pass.  This game can be set for tickets or just straight play.  I just love it for the straight play as pretending to be Batman is something I have done since I was a child. This game is a sure winner for any arcade as the appeal of batman never wanes and it will bring back the customer over and over to play. Game on!

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