Intellivision Amico: Bringing Family Fun, or Adult Entertainment?

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As gaming’s staunch historians might know, the industry was developed by men, for men; and by men, we mean adults. The target audience of the video game systems in the early 70’s were mainly adult users who would get hooked easily on any activities, and that wouldn’t mind sinking a few quarters for a few rounds on Pong. Heck, some of these games even debuted as machines in bars and taverns, which made their player base consist of somewhat-inebriated adults who were spending their hard-earned cash on some unwinding.

The ensuing popularity garnered by the games was the driving factor behind the proliferation of an industry which, to this day, has become even more prominent than TV. And this is all because some merry tavern-goers popped some machines so full of quarters, that they would stop working. Furthermore, considering that the average Midway coin box can fill up to $1,500 in quarters, there was plenty of motivation for developers to keep working on games.

Fast-forward to today: video games are everywhere, consoles and PC have dominated the market for the past couple of decades, and fans are constantly abuzz talking about new or upcoming games. Even our phones have evolved to accommodate video games, as mobile games are just as prevalent as their home-console counterparts. As gamers ourselves, it’s a bit worrying when we think about the current state of gaming, how business models interfere with their purity and with the enjoyment that the user can derive from a session.

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