King of the Road: 8-Player Frenzy on the Road!

Published October 4, 2019 Leave a Comment

Here at PrimeTime Amusements, we’re always scouring the internet for the next best thing in the arcade industry. Sadly, the past few weeks haven’t been too generous in terms of happenings and events in this field. However, one nugget of information grabbed our attention and greatly piqued our curiosity. A little indie game by the name of King of the Road.

Party games are awesome. They’re a good way to turn our brains off and just enjoy some mindless fun. This is why some popular franchises like the Mario Party series initially rose to fame. You can’t really say they’re very complex in terms of mechanics nor intricacies. However, it’s this simplicity, coupled with the comfy “couch” co-op gameplay, that makes it so endearing and attractive to any type of gamer.

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