Maintaining Your Game Room

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So let’s say you finally caved and setup that game room or arcade business you’ve always dreamed of; awesome, right? Now that you’re basically living the dream, you can sit back and enjoy of all those sweet games and amusements alongside your friends or loved ones. However, for some people that finally invest in a game room, their urge to play and collect their beloved classic games is replaced by a newfound horror: now that I have all these machines, how the heck am I going to take care of them?

Arcade machines, like any other piece of engineering, require periodic maintenance in order to keep them operating at peak performance. This is especially true for the ones that have many moving parts, or that are mostly mechanical in their operations. Without proper care, they will start to succumb to general wear and tear, and eventually break down if left unchecked, requiring expensive repairs or replacement parts than are much more costly than simply performing regular maintenance.

In this article, we are going to explain some basic tips or tricks that can help ensure the proper functioning of your game room, and to keep your machines operating at top shape, at all times.

Power Off!

Like most electronic appliances, arcade machines require a simple wall outlet of 120V AC to function properly. By simply plugging the machine to the wall, it is ready to be played. However, as much as we at PrimeTime Amusements enjoy walking into a sea of colors, adorned with the characteristic beeps and boops of retro arcade gaming, we strongly recommend unplugging your machine from the outlet when not in use. Furthermore, when you’re actually using them, please consider investing on a surge protector for each machine, or at least a strong protector that can accommodate multiple appliances. Some refurbished machines might come with their own protector built into the cabinet, so feel free to inquire if a machine, in particular, includes this amenity.

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