Mission: Impossible Light Gun Arcade Game Announced at IAAPA 2019

Published February 28, 2020 Leave a Comment

New releases and announcements are a dime-a-dozen in every IAAPA Expo. After all, these events are all about showcasing the future of the arcade gaming industry, so what better occasion to flaunt the latest and greatest ideas?

However, even though we expect many new versions of existing and long-running franchises, some announcements manage to blindside us with their unexpected arrival. Case in point, in the past IAAPA held last November, SEGA announced that they’re working alongside Paramount Pictures to create an arcade game based on the popular spy film franchise, Mission: Impossible.

Now, Mission: Impossible is no stranger to the video game industry. Despite being ever-present as one of the most thrilling action movie franchises to date, impressively starring a perpetually-sprinting Tom Cruise in every installment (seriously, does that guy ever age?), the series also has several awesome games, dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While the games also branched out to the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Gameboy, and other consoles, they were mostly obscure and overlooked in terms of mass appeal.

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