New Batman and Batmobile Photos Released…

Published May 14, 2014 1 Comment

Fans of the Batman needn’t wait any longer for their first glimpse at the new Batman and perhaps more important, the new Batmobile. Director Zack Snyder just released this preview image of the two for his up coming movie Batman vs. Superman in 2016.

Batman and Batmobile

Batman and Batmobile

The identity of the actor in the shot is not known, it may be Ben Affleck or it could be a stand in.  Who will be playing the new Batman is still unknown.  Whatever the case the suit has been redesigned to give it a sleeker look as well.

Whatever the case this much anticipated movie is sure to take over the box office and the gaming market.  Today one of the most popular games in any arcade if the Batman car racer/shooter that came out last year.  That game allows the player to choose from every Bartmobile through out history.  It is a very cool game.

Game On!

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