New Release Double Whammy: Capcom Home Arcade and Star Wars at Home Arcade Now Available!

Published January 17, 2020 Leave a Comment

Hello once again, dear readers! Let’s dive into the latest updates in the arcade industry. Today, we’ve come to reiterate the time where we wrote about the Capcom Home Arcade. A few months back in April, we shared the news where the game studio famous for several awesome franchises like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter, to name a few, was making its first venture into the home arcade industry.

This project is the aptly-named Capcom Home Arcade, and consists of a console modeled in the shape of the Capcom logo, but scaled to ridiculous proportions. The controls are built into the console itself, which is meant to sit on the player’s lap—or perhaps on a table or desk—while he plays. Moreover, the console comes with two sets of controllers, for the times when the users want to engage in co-op or versus games. The console is long enough so that two players can sit side-by-side and game comfortably, just like in an arcade cabinet.

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