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New Skill Crane Claw Works With Just Hand Jestures…

Published April 3, 2014 Leave a Comment

The company The Best Sync has developed technology that allows skill cranes to work without joysticks and just use hand movements using Intel’s RealSense technology.

Intel Realsense Arcade Skill Crane Claw

Intel Realsense Arcade Skill Crane Claw

The skill crane uses Creative Interactive Gesture Camera (co-developed by SoftKinetic) that allows the player to use simple hand gestures to control the cranes claw. The gestures are limited to simple gestures that position the crane in one of four directions, left, right, forward, and back. When you clench your hand the claw drops.

Intel Realsense Arcade Skill Crane

Intel Realsense Arcade Skill Crane

The players stated that the new technology does not make the game easier but they did say it made it more fun.  This opens a whole new door to game play and a new dimension of fun for the users.  I can only imagine what will be developed.  I can see the “Use the Force” crane or some kind of Darth Vader play. Whatever the case I am sure we will be seeing this new technology in our arcades very soon.

Game On!

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