Not quite foosball, not quite air hockey, not quite pinball, the iHockey Pub is all three!

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When people come into the arcade they often look for foosball, air hockey, or pinball, three favorites that never loss their appeal and we can always direct them to the fun.  I thought it didn’t get any better than that until I saw the iHockey Pub.

iHockey Pub

iHockey Pub

Like air hockey you challenge your friends and score as many goals as you can with this exciting competition game, but instead of the traditional paddles you use pinball flippers and a steel pinball to make the action happen.  One thing that makes this game so unique is the multiple balls in play, when the game starts no less than five balls hit the “ice”, this keeps the action going.

The iHockey Pub is a unique mix between foosball, hockey, and pinball, all combined in one great looking and great playing game. So it offers the fun of all games wrapped up in one neat little package.

I want this game so bad! When I first saw it I was drawn right to it and play time on it zips by so fast you find yourself just feeding quarters in to continue playing the game after game.  It is that addictive.

This is on my wish list of games to get as I am sure that it would keep the gamers coming back over and over.

Game On!

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