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For many arcade fans and collectors, there’s no beating the real thing. Having your own collection of cabinets is in a league of its own; Not just for the entertainment value, but for the sensation of possessing the games from

Earlier last year, we talked about how Raw Thrills was venturing into the field of VR with their newest title, King Kong of Skull Island VR. First teased at IAAPA 2019, rumors have been circulating for several years prior that

Capcom has been a target of much intrigue in the past few weeks after an information leak shed light on some of the company’s current and future projects, including details on the next Monster Hunter title, their largest and most

2020 has finally left us and what a year it was. Good riddance we say! However, regardless of the circumstances that you went through last year, with a new year comes new chances to reinvent ourselves and make new resolutions.

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