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For many of us gamers, Japan holds the holy grail of video game entertainment. Some of the biggest contenders in the console gaming industry — as well as major developers for all other platforms, including modern-day arcade games — are

The arrival of Space Invaders in the late 70’s spawned a whole genre of space shooters which, to the wonder of many retro gamers out there, is still very much alive to this day. After the arrival of the iconic

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Arcade establishments and arcade amusements, in general, are essentially the enduring footprints left by a medium that, 4 decades ago, was regarded as a simple hobby or pastime. It all started with the first arcade games back in the early

It’s that time of the month again where we sit down and discuss strategy about how to win big at our favorite arcade games. This time, we’ll be talking about a timeless classic by Taito; released in 1978 in Japan

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