PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Reaches a New Milestone as its Playerbase Continues to Grow

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Here at PrimeTime Amusements, we seldom touch topics outside the comfort zone that we call arcade gaming. However, in special occasions, a hugely popular title sometimes pops up on a foreign gaming platform; one that steals away all the attention for a few weeks and enraptures gamers with its gameplay. This time, we’re talking about a hit title which, despite being out for little over 7 months,  has already grossed little under $400 million through Steam.

We’re talking about none other than PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (or PUBG, as everyone calls it), the online multiplayer Battle Royale-themed game, inspired by the Japanese film of the same name. If you’re not familiar with Battle Royale, don’t sweat it; most people aren’t. However, you might be familiar with another similar film (which is also inspired by Battle Royale), The Hunger Games. Story nuances aside, the basic premise is that a group of people are thrown into a deserted space of land, and are left to battle each other until only one person or team remains standing. Despite featuring such a simple premise, this game has shown once again that, when PC gaming decides to go all in, it goes all in hard.

Regardless of its huge success, the game is by no means original. The Battle Royale, last man standing type of gameplay was already featured in several mods for the standalone games Arma 3 and H1Z1, which were also created by the same person responsible for PUBG. Said mods garnered a huge following initially in a niche audience. However, their player base steadily rose in popularity until the point where a standalone game was an economically feasible solution. The game’s creator, Brendan Green, is the mastermind behind the aforementioned mods, as well as their current hugely-successful standalone iteration, and decided to name his game after his online handle, PlayerUnknown.

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