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New releases and announcements are a dime-a-dozen in every IAAPA Expo. After all, these events are all about showcasing the future of the arcade gaming industry, so what better occasion to flaunt the latest and greatest ideas?

However, even though we expect many new versions of existing and long-running franchises, some announcements manage to blindside us with their unexpected arrival. Case in point, in the past IAAPA held last November, SEGA announced that they’re working alongside Paramount Pictures to create an arcade game based on the popular spy film franchise, Mission: Impossible.

Now, Mission: Impossible is no stranger to the video game industry. Despite being ever-present as one of the most thrilling action movie franchises to date, impressively starring a perpetually-sprinting Tom Cruise in every installment (seriously, does that guy ever age?), the series also has several awesome games, dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While the games also branched out to the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Gameboy, and other consoles, they were mostly obscure and overlooked in terms of mass appeal.

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For many years, we’ve been living in the age of remasters, reboots, and rehashes. All it takes is a single glance at the recent game releases to find many titles like Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, and other franchises going strong with new entries every year. This trend has also been strong in the film industry, with all the reboots going on. Poor Spider-Man alone has gone through more reboots than there are aliens in any Contra game, and the trend shows no signs of stopping.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re suckers for a good reboot, especially if it depicts our beloved and favorite characters in a different, better light. House of the Dead, for many people, is one of the best light gun shooters of all time, at least where are arcade games are concerned. For some kids growing up in their local arcades, these games have been the bane of their allowances, draining their quarters as they struggle against the hordes of the undead, and with good reason; House of the Dead is amazing at what it does and is definitely a product of its time.

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Last week, we wrote about the whimsical cute ‘em up game by Sega called Fantasy Zone. This title was popular for its awesome yet challenging gameplay, coupled with its bright, colorful, and admittedly adorable visuals. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend reading part one if you want to know what this game is all about. 

Today, we’re picking up where we left off last week. Specifically, we’re going to go through the seven remaining stages, as well as how to beat the challenges in each one.

Stage 2: Planet Tabas

The red planet Tabas has scalding clouds and fiery mountains in the background, as well as lots of enemies who will start firing at you. Luckily, the projectiles are quite slow and easy to dodge. Since the bases are stationary in this level, you might want to deal with them using your bombs. However, it’s still possible to destroy them by shooting at them from the sides.

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In this month’s edition of Getting Good, we’re coming in hot with a two-part guide on one of the games that defined my childhood, in particular. As a ‘90s kid, I wasn’t really old enough to experience the arrival and boom of video games in the early ‘80s. I could only read about how games were back then while playing on my NES (my first console). However, I vividly remember playing a certain unlicensed game on a friend’s NES, a Sega game by the name of Fantasy Zone.

Back then, this game was a dream to play; an absolute fever dream, that is. Regarded as one of the so-called “cute ‘em ups,” which is a subgenre of regular shoot ‘em ups, these games are like your typical space shooters, but with a very adorable and colorful aesthetic. I recently ran into Fantasy Zone once again since, due to its popularity in Japan, it got ported both to the Wii and the 3DS, so I guess today’s as good as any day to write a Getting Good on this classic.

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Hello once again, dear readers! Let’s dive into the latest updates in the arcade industry. Today, we’ve come to reiterate the time where we wrote about the Capcom Home Arcade. A few months back in April, we shared the news where the game studio famous for several awesome franchises like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter, to name a few, was making its first venture into the home arcade industry.

This project is the aptly-named Capcom Home Arcade, and consists of a console modeled in the shape of the Capcom logo, but scaled to ridiculous proportions. The controls are built into the console itself, which is meant to sit on the player’s lap—or perhaps on a table or desk—while he plays. Moreover, the console comes with two sets of controllers, for the times when the users want to engage in co-op or versus games. The console is long enough so that two players can sit side-by-side and game comfortably, just like in an arcade cabinet.

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Published January 10, 2020 Leave a Comment

The ‘80s were a wild time in video game history. It was a period where both good and bad ideas could either flourish or die in equal measure, which is, in part, what contributed towards the industry crash in 1983/’84. The release of those great titles that would become classics were marred by the launch of a plethora of low quality games, which led to a collapse and the bankruptcy of many game developers of the time. In the aftermath, only a few companies survived, which left the market ripe for the taking for those who still had that creative spark and the knowledge to put it to good use.

Granted, since the industry was still in “diapers,” even the simplest concepts and premises were considered innovative, which is why the first video games were very basic and rudimentary. Nintendo’s Excitebike, which is a game that consisted of racing on your dirtbike and getting from point A to point B, was among these titles that quickly became a hit among gamers of the time.

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A few months back, we went on a Tetris writing spree where all we posted on this blog was about Tetris. What can we say? As sellers of arcade cabinets and amusements, as well as operators of FECs ourselves, we’re always hyped for all things retro and competitive. And when it comes to these two aspects, you really can’t go wrong with Tetris.

On one occasion, we talked about the 2018 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) and how the 7-time reigning champion Jonas Neubauer was finally bested and a new champion took the crown. However, the most baffling part about this is not that Neubauer lost his winning streak, but that it was taken by 16-year-old newcomer Joseph Saelee. The young competitor had never even set foot in a competition as important in the Tetris scene as the CTWC, but that didn’t stop him from going all the way and taking the glory.

It goes without saying that the 2018 finals were intense and chaotic, with sparks flying as both finalists went all out in a struggle to surpass each others’ scores. You didn’t even have to be a Tetris connoiseur to know that both contestants were bordering on superhuman in terms of reflexes and performance, all the while under the extreme pressure of possibly claiming the title of best Tetris player in the world. The fact that Neubauer was a 7-time champ didn’t take away from the intensity in his expressions during play, but Saelee wasn’t going home that day unless it was with the title of champion.

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The rivalry between Nintendo’s Mario and Sega’s Sonic “mascot” characters is the stuff of legends. As the protagonists of their own platforming games, they drove sales for their respective game consoles and were the center of many schoolyard arguments throughout the 1990’s. While Mario games have an emphasis on precise, slower jumps, Sonic games were always about memorizing stages so that the player could maintain speed and finish them in record times. Regardless of your preference, each game had something different to offer everyone, which is why gamers were so torn between the two.

In my experience, me and my friends always leaned towards Mario and Nintendo, mostly because Sega wasn’t very prominent back where I grew up. However, there were a few people I knew that owned Sega consoles along with a few Sonic games. Even though we were never truly acquainted, we immediately loathed each other based on our decisions in gaming. Guess it was a sign of the times. Sonic and Mario fans were like dogs and cats; you couldn’t put them together!

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