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We’ve talked about Cosmotrons on several occasions. The game that started as a fan project in 2016 with little more than a Facebook page and a two man team of hard-working veteran gamers quickly grew to become the phenomenon it is today. Cosmotrons took all the best parts of Gravitar and Asteroids, both of which were huge deals back in the ‘80’s, and were among the titles responsible for catapulting Atari to fame in years past. Cosmotrons has been available for purchase for some time now. However, Arcadeaholics, the company in charge of the product, revealed a new Cosmotrons cabinet this last weekend in the Pinball Expo 2018 event in Chicago. Once orders are available, this new version will be ideal for those on a tighter budget.


Like many other games of its time, both Asteroids and Gravitar were deceptively simple titles. Their mechanics were easy to understand and control, while still retaining a very high skill ceiling. In this sense, while everyone could play and enjoy the games, regardless of skill level, the most hardcore fans could also partake and square down against each other in heated space battles.

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What would you say is the most critical part of a fighting game? The mix-ups and crossups? The block strings? Maybe even the normals? Now, consider, for a second, that you’ve never played a fighting game; quite a difficult experience, right? Those terms might all make sense for those of you who are seasoned veterans of fighting games, but they can seem quite confusing for players who are just getting into the genre.

So to help out those “greenies” who might be wanting to get into the exciting world of arcade fighters, we’ve put together this short guide on the basic fighting game terminology. We hope that this will be useful for beginners, who can learn them and hop into the fray with at least a theoretical knowledge on why they are losing (trust us, you’ll lose a lot at the beginning). And who knows, if you’re a veteran, you might even learn the name of “that thing” that you do that helps you win matches, but that you’ve never actually known what it’s called.

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It’s that time of the month again where we take one old-school arcade game and show you the ropes on how to beat it and get the best high scores!

This time, we’ll be focusing on Ace Driver, a Formula One racing game produced by Namco in 1994. At its peak, this game was very famous, winning the Best Coin-Op Game of the 76th Annual IAAPA Show, as well as spawning two sequels in the same series. Ace Driver plays just like any arcade driving game does, with the player sitting down in the driver’s seat and steering their vehicle with the wheel. The Formula One style play is reminiscent of Namco’s beloved classic Pole Position, but in Ace Driver you get everything in glorious 3D. Besides the standard gas pedal, players also had a brake pedal and a clutch pedal. Depending on the type of transmission that they selected, the players would need to interact with the latter shifting gears as the situation demanded.

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A couple of weeks ago, we spoke about several arcade classics releases on the Nintendo Switch to the joy of old-school games everywhere. Today, as we browsed the eshop for some new titles, we found some great news for hardcore beat-em-up enthusiasts, as there is yet another bundle of classic gems of the genre available for purchase on Nintendo’s digital distribution platform. [NOTE: This title is also available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles]

The “Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle,” which is the title of the product on the shop, was created for those who grew up on sidescrolling beat-em-ups. If you want to relive the glory days of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s era, this compilation has got you covered. Specifically, the bundle contains some awesome classics which, until the bundle came out, were very difficult to acquire in their original cabinet forms. This bundle includes a total of seven games, including some top-rated titles in the genre.

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Andamiro NFLPA

There’s good news for fans of House of the Dead around the world as this year has been teeming with news and details about a return to Sega’s most popular light-gun game in their history. This has been one of the biggest arcade news items of 2018 as the hugely-popular action horror arcade series has been dormant for more than a decade prior to the announcement of the new version by Sega.

For those who are not familiar with the games, House of the Dead is an action-horror video game series developed by Sega, with the first release hitting arcades back in 1996. To date, there have been 4 mainline releases, with a new one coming out later this year. Each installment plays the similar to the previous one: as an on-rails first-person shooter where the player uses a gun prop to shoot at the enemies that appear on the screen, which usually belong to the undead. In each game, there are two special agents that team up to fight against the zombie hordes and defeat the ones who unleashed them upon the landscape.

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Andamiro NFLPA

Over the past few years, Nintendo has been gaining popularity for porting and releasing our favorite classic games on their newest consoles. They hopped onto the retro trend with popular platforms like the Nintendo DS and Wii, but what was made available usually focused on Nintendo’s own consoles, with a small amount of focus on platforms like the Sega Genesis or Turbographx-16. This has also provided an incentive for some 3rd party developers like Sega, Konami and Namco, to re-release some of their beloved titles through Nintendo’s services. Many of those games were released in both arcades and one home consoles, but these companies decided to stick with the home ports as opposed to the arcade originals.

Luckily for fans of the arcades, who also like to keep up with current gaming trends, the Nintendo Switch has also been receiving its fair share of original arcade classics.

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Andamiro NFLPA

Originally launched with 60 player coins, these 13 new coins are being made available just in time for the kickoff of the 2018-2019 season, featuring the likenesses of Jimmy Garoppolo, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, Deshaun Watson, Adam Thielen, Robby Anderson, Melvin Gordon, Christian McCaffrey, Doug Baldwin and Ryan Tannehill, along with rookies Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley. Here is a sample of 10 of the new coins:

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punch out

It’s been a while since we last worked on one of these articles, but we’re back and ready for action!

Getting Good is our running series where, once or twice a month, we revisit the arcade games of our youth, and share some tips and tricks at how to beat them and improve your high scores. This time around, we’ll be talking about Nintendo’s Punch-Out!!, the highly-successful and critically acclaimed game that arguably reached peak fame when a reworked version landed on the NES. Said ‘port’ made many people believe that the game was originally from the said console.

However, Punch-Out!! actually started off in the arcade, which was developed and published by Nintendo in 1984. The game saw great success in arcades, which helped to turn it from a single game into a popular series of titles. However, it wasn’t until 1987 when it arrived on the NES as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, which was also a hugely popular entry for the series, and featured the eponymous boxer as the final boss.

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