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Marvel Contest of Champions

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article on a game that, against all odds, was making an appearance in the arcade industry. We’re talking about Marvel Contest of Champions, a game that was originally developed and launched for Android and iOS devices. Nevertheless, due to its success in the platform, as well as due to the rising popularity of the Avengers—among others—franchise, superhero games are a hit regardless of the media in which they appear. However, in this latest project, it seems that Dave & Busters went all out by funding the entire project from the initial concept to the game’s release, which was confirmed to be made available in all of their locations throughout the United States

The game itself, at least on mobile devices, is very casual and consists of 1v1 fights against the computer. The player would employ a series of swipes and taps on several areas of the screen to unleash different attacks, including the character’s signature move—all of which were exclusive to every hero. The controls didn’t lend themselves to any competitive play, nor did the combat mechanics as the game offered RPG-like elements that complement the attributes of each character. Wolverine, for example, had the ability to apply a bleeding effect with each attack, causing damage over time, while also having a chance of activating a regeneration effect with every attack suffered—not very fair, in our opinion.

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The Battle Royale genre is the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released and took the world by storm, there have been a string of developers trying to cash in on the unique formula of the genre, while also improving it and adding their unique touches. However, history showed us that a good formula is not the only ingredient to make a good game. With such strong competition, PUBG has fallen into relative obscurity, at least when compared with other, more successful titles like Fortnite or the latest Call of Duty, which also featured a BR mode called “Blackout.”

The concept of this genre is simple: a number of players or teams drop onto a zone with buildings riddled with loot, after which they must explore the said buildings to pick up weapons and gear, and then face off against the other teams. After a lengthy mix of escape and evading, precision shooting, reckless driving and, in some cases, a hefty chunk of luck, the last person or team standing is crowned as the victor of the match.

Most of these games are played either in a third-person over-the-shoulder view, while some can only be played in a first-person perspective, akin to old-school shooters. Furthermore, while the concept is similar in most games, some of them diverge heavily in the way their guns handle: shooting a gun in PUBG is vastly different than shooting another, similar gun, in Fortnite. Additionally, most of these games offer some elements of physics to their shooting such as bullet drop, bullet penetration, target leading, and other factors that you’ll need to keep in mind before taking the shot. All of these different elements including the aforementioned physics, coupled with the handling of the different weapon types, make these game a veritable experience for anyone who enjoys some awesome FPS action.

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Ah, Marvel. A company name that elicits utter excitement in children, and a sense of wonder in millennials who are growing older, but are not yet at that point where they can’t sit down and enjoy an action-packed superhero flick. As with any great franchise, it’s inevitable that third-party companies would seek to create merchandise and all sorts of multimedia content about our favorite comic book heroes. Because of this, we are now able to enjoy their adventures in formats other than reading them in weekly-issued, panel-based illustrated novels (read: comic books).

Nevertheless, one arena where Marvel has had a mixed reaction in, barring a few exceptions on the arcade and some console games, is the video game industry. Due to a number of reasons related to either the developer, publishers, or a little bit of both, Marvel games have failed to capture the eye of the crowds of gamers like the films have managed to enrapture the droves of moviegoers that pour into the venue with each new premier. And this isn’t by lack of trying!

Ever since the advent and proliferation of video games back in the early ‘80s, there have been myriad games based on the adventures of our favorite costumed superhumans. At the very least, there have been more than 50 titles across a wide variety of platforms. From the old Atari 2600 back in the day, going through the Apple II computer, the Amstrad CPC, the Commodore 64, the famous NES and SNES, and even the most recent gaming consoles, the PlayStation 3 and 4, and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One have seen their fair share of superhero games. Meanwhile, the portable gaming market such as the Gameboy, the Gameboy Advance, and the Sony PSP, among others, have also been host to a number of games.

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Love Live

Ah, Japan: The land of the Rising Sun, the birthplace of video games, and one of the few places on Earth where oddity is an everyday occurrence. This last part was no more evident than in late-2018 when a newly-ported version of a popular game series caused a lot of controversy due to an interesting glitch. The game, which was a port of a mobile game called “Love Live! School Idol Festival” to the arcade, stirred the metaphorical hornet’s nest due to a glitch that altered the character models. Specifically, it caused some of the characters—which consist mostly of school-age girls—to appear nude, while others had other physical problems such as appearing headless or with other body parts clipping through their models.

Love Live is a very popular multimedia project created through a collaboration of several important companies including ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G’s Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise. The series first launched in 2010, in the August issue of the aforementioned magazine, and then went on to take Japan by storm. The project revolved around the lives of nine schoolgirls-turned-idols who had to use their artistic and creative talents to save their school from shutting down.

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Sega ATV

While there were many new games that we listed on our website throughout 2018, not many belonged to the category of racing games. So if your venue has been waiting for something new and fresh in this regard, Sega has the game for you, with ATV Slam!

With high octane, road-tearing action, ATV Slam is sure to be a hit. It has already posted spectacular earnings, beating out other motion-based racers during test, such as Storm Racer G Deluxe. The graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 4 and a high-end PC to ensure a modern, fast & sharp racing bonanza. Operators can also link up to four units together, to appeal to groups.

If this game looks interesting to you, then Sega Amusements is now taking orders for it! Units are aiming to ship to locations at the end of February/beginning of March 2019. If you want one, then don’t delay – Call or e-mail us to get in line for yours today!

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a major release in the arcade racing market. Throughout the entirety of 2018, the interest of developers and publisher turned towards other genres, which limited the releases of large-profile racing games in the West to a grand total of one: Daytona Championship USA(standard model…the Deluxe was released in 2017). These shifts in development are common, and even almost expected in this industry, as publishers tend to gravitate towards and approve only the most lucrative projects. In some years, these projects are gun game, while in others they are redemption games. This year however, fans of racing games have a reason to rejoice, as they are finally getting a release worth mentioning.

In last year’s EAG Expo, we managed to catch a glimpse of a new project that went by the name of Racecraft Arcade. However, despite its name, this title is more akin to a racing simulator focused on the Formula category of race cars. The software itself was originally developed for PCs by a company called Sandbox. However, it was Tecnoplay, an Italian manufacturer and distributor of arcade machines, that ported the game to an arcade format, featuring a fully-fledged, two-seater machine with all the perks you’d expect from a high-end racing product.

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First released in 2015, the Spongebob Pineapple Arcade card & ticket redemption game by Andamiro USA has been one of the hottest and most influential games on the amusement market. As the game enters into it’s fourth year, Andamiro is preparing to infuse the game with more life by launching the 2nd series of collectible cards!

As shown with this image above, the set focuses on those lovable Spongebob characters, while telling the winner what the character’s Life Goals are and what they are “most likely to” do.

Collectors and operators don’t need to worry – Series 2 cards can be mixed into the same game as Series 1 cards, both still maintaining their values for tickets. The new series has different rarities however, with Gary The Snail being the most difficult to come across. Players can keep these cards, or redeem them for tickets at their preferred location. This is also made easy with Andamiro’s new Redeem Machine, which is fully compatible with both card sets.

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