A Quick Look at the New Golden Tee Golf 2018

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Few arcade games — or any competitive video games, in general — offer such a lively multiplayer scene such as the one we can find with Golden Tee Golf. As we mentioned in another article, if anyone’s looking to make a career out of arcade gaming, his or her best bet is to look into Golden Tee Golf or Big Buck Hunter, which are games that have some of the biggest fan followings and standardized competitive scenes. The yearly Golden Tee Golf Championship offers talented players the opportunity to prove their worth and go toe-to-toe (or tee-to-tee) with some of the best players in the world in a tournament where the winner gets all; all, in this case being thousands of dollars worth of prize money.

The 2017 Golden Tee Championship was held in May and featured 64 of the world’s best Golden Tee Golf players battling it out for the title of best Golden Tee Golfer in the world, as well as a píece of the sweet, sweet $70,000 prize money. Starting in May 19th, the tournament opened with a Closest-to-the-pin welcome tournament where anybody — regardless of qualifying status — could pay the $20 entry fee and compete for a chance at winning over $3,000 in cash money. The day after the welcome tournament marked the beginning of the tournament’s qualifying matches which consisted of 5 course matches and through which the players would be divided in Gold and Silver brackets (32 players in each). Amidst many events and extra activities where competitor and attendees had lots of fun, the final match between competitors Joe Massara and Mark Stenmark duked it out for a shot at the big prize money. In the end, Stenmark was victorious over Massara and earned the $10,000 plus all the glory that stems from being the best Golden Tee Golfer in the world.

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