Remembering the Classics – Pac-Man

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pac-man logo

pac-man logo

Probably the one game that stared the entire modern day arcade is Pac-Man.  Even the young that do not know who The Beatles are still remember this classic game.  Pac-Man is still a staple of game play in every console and still in a lot of arcades.


If for some reason you lived under a rock and have no idea what Pac-Man is, it is a maze game where our hero Pac-Man travels through with the ghosts Winky, Blinky and Clyde chasing him around the board as he tries to gobble up all the power dots.

Ms  Pac Man Logo

Ms Pac Man

This simple formula has been reinvented as many ways as there are years.  With Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man and so many others it is hard to keep count.  High scores have been set in record books and people still try to beat them.  Pac Man has a solid audience and always will, as the game is so simple yet challenging.

So if you are looking to kill some time and are wondering what game to download next don’t forget the game that started it all Pac-Man.

Game On!

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