Skill cranes and a chance to win the big prizes…

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Skill cranes are a stable of any arcade.  They are fun and offer the chance to win big prizes, but how much skill is involved in playing them?

Candy Cranes

Candy Cranes

When you play a skill crane there is one thing that you need to do and that is make sure that you are playing for a prize you want.  Too often there are people that play for a prize and then want to exchange it for a different prize, some arcades will not let you do this, but the good ones always will.

The skill in skill cranes come from positioning the crane at just the right angle so the claw grabs it just the right way.  This allows for the leverage to lift the prize and ta da you are a winner.

My favorite skill cranes are the candy cranes that are filled with tasty prizes that are pretty easy to win.  These are great cranes for the kids too as they have a lot of winners.  Winners are the key to a good skill crane.  The claw goes down and comes back with a handful of candy.

Play till you will cranes are a great addition to any arcade, it allows the gamer to play until they win this is a good way to allow customer retention, as everyone loves a winner.  These games are particularly good for the small ones as I said before everyone loves a winner.

Game on!

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