Sparks Fly as This Year’s EVO Comes to a Dramatic Finish

Published November 9, 2018 Leave a Comment


The Evolution Championship Series (or EVO, for short) is the most important event in the fighting game community. This annual event consists of a series of tournaments where players from all around the world get together and face off to see who is the best of the best at their favorite fighting games. The idea behind EVO is that anyone can play, from renowned and well-established fighting game personalities, to newcomers eager to take a shot at the spotlight. As long as they pay the entry fee, anyone can join and compete.

The lineup of games for this event usually features the heavy hitters of the industry, such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Nevertheless, the rotation of games varies each year. For example, this year’s EVO didn’t feature Mortal Kombat. Instead, Injustice 2 took its place which, while remaining a completely different game in its own right, was developed by the same team (NetherRealm Studios), and engine (Unreal Engine 3) as the more recent Mortal Kombat did. This year’s lineup of games consisted of the following…

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