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The Jukebox has been popular since their inception, with timeless styles of the day they hold their value as collectibles and are the talk of any location you set them in.  Todays jukeboxes are much more complicated then what they use to be now including MP3s and other digital music to the playlist, you can literally have every song imaginable at your finger tips ready to play.

There are two Jukeboxes that I am going to focus on today, those being the bubbler are the table model.  These are probably the two most popular out there and most rememberable throughout time.

digital bubbler jukebox

digital bubbler jukebox

Do you remember the days of standing by the Jukebox as it bubbles along with the classics you love?  Well this classic Bubbler has now become the Digital Bubbler Jukebox and comes with new state-of-the-art digital technology and a 250 Watt digital amplifier, which allows users to digitally store up to 600 of their favorite CD’s on its huge 250GB hard drive at true CD-quality sound.  600 of their favorites, the only reason why it is not more is because it would be impossible to make a selection. These classic beauties offer all the grace of the past with the best of the new.

Imagine the fun and joy this machine will  bring you in your man cave or as a piece of functional art in your living room. This model is timeless and will remain that way as no other music device can match its beauty and design.



The table top Jukebox like the  Q music center  is a delight to own as it has rare wood and Die-Cast real chrome-plated accents and pilasters illuminated by constantly changing colors, the petite and powerful new “Q” compact tabletop digital jukebox is built with the same meticulous attention  to quality and detail that Rock-Ola is famous for!  The ” Q ” comes with a powerful built-in digital sound amplifier and speakers, along with the QSonix Digital Music Interface and its large 19″ digital touchscreen monitor control panel.

This machine allows you to synchronize all music tracks and custom playlists contained in the Music Center directly to any iPod, iPhone, iPad or other MP3 Player. Import music from any USB device. Share all music / playlists with devices on your home network. Control separate volume levels for up to two Music Zones. Burn all playlists and albums to a CD.

With all that modern technology out there it is good to see that the classic design on style of the jukebox is here to stay.  As technology advances we are going to see jukeboxes become more functional but the cabinets will remain the same as the artisans that crafted them created a great mix of design and mood.

Game on!

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